150 years of experience

The name Beijer Industri originates from the trading house G & L Beijer AB, which was the company's previous owner. It was founded in 1866 by the brothers Gottfried and Lorens Beijer. The operation was strongly diversified from the start. The most important products were coal and coke, pig iron and rolled steel.

Beijer Alma

In 2010, G & L Beijer AB sold its industrial part, Beijer Tech, in which Beijer Industri is also included, to the international operating industrial group, Beijer Alma. Beijer Alma also has a historic affiliation to the trading house, G & L Beijer AB, more precisely through the branch in Stockholm which was opened by Gottfried's and Lorens's half-brother Waldemar Beijer in 1894 and named G & L Beijer Import & Export. This company was acquired in 1993 by the then Alma Invest.

Beijer Industri today

Throughout the 20th century, Beijer Industri grew steadily thanks to its close collaboration with leading international suppliers and genuine technical knowledge. Today, Beijer Industri is stronger than ever. Thanks to its ability to adapt, one of the oldest companies in the market is also the most updated.