Three terms summarise our offer

Close to our customers

We will never become unwieldy, slow or bureaucratic. Our organisation is based on proximity, cutting-edge expertise and rapid decisions. At the same time, we have the advantages of a large group in the form of an extensive product supply and significant purchasing power. We are not the least expensive, but we are unbetable when it comes to value for money. With us, the customer enjoys the best of two worlds.


We are the company of fast footwork and quick thinking. We are the difference between 'good' and 'wow'. We understand the customer's requirements and, based on our experience and expertise, we can create solutions which increase the value for the customer. In addition, we always see the opportunities to utilise collaboration benefits between the companies within Beijer Tech.


We understand our customers' processes. We are used to handling complex projects and we are just as happy to offer an individual product as to offer total solutions. We are backed by our network of suppliers, our extensive product range and our group connections. We aim high and we are no longer satisfied by being one of the leading suppliers of equipment to the industry. We want to become an indispensable collaboration partner, a hidden but increasingly important success factor for our customers.

For further information, contact Beijer Industri on or by telephoning +46 (0)40 35 83 80.