A first-class choice

Together with our fellow subsidiaries within Beijer Tech, we are a full-range supplier of consumables, raw materials, machinery, equipment and service for foundries. We can offer all the products a foundry requires and we have the most extensive experience in the sector. 

Our offer

Our extensive programme with foundry products includes:

  • Complete machine solutions for metal, iron and steel foundries
  • Complete machine solutions for die casting 
  • Supplies and equipment for the foundry industry and industries for the smelting of metals
  • Refractory materials and insulation products for high temperatures
  • Moulding sand and core sand, special sand for all purposes, high content silica sand
  • Chemical matrix, insulating coatings and refractory products for the smelting and for holding molten metals
  • Iron and steel pouring systems, smelting crucibles and prefabricated components such as crucibles, troughs and ladles
  • Alloying materials and carburising graphite
  • Hoses for the transportation of foundry sand
  • Products for feeding, filtration and smelting
  • Woven glass, both coated and uncoated
  • Automatic moulding machines

For further information, please contact Beijer Industri on info@beijerind.se or by telephoning +46 (0)40 35 83 00.