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Cooperation between Beijer Industri AB and promeos®

Promeos pourous burnerRecently Beijer Industri AB started a cooperation with the German company promeos®. promeos® build their business around a proprietary flameless burner technology. The technology has, since the company was founded about ten years ago, continually found more and more applications in various industrial sectors. promeos® currently supplies systems for metal glass, textiles, plastics and rubber industry.

promeos® within the foundry industry

In the foundry industry there are numerous applications such as preheating of ladles, sintering/heating of induction furnaces, preheating of tools, etc. In Germany there are more than a hundred systems in operation from promeos® at companies like BMW, VW, Daimler, Federal Mogul and Georg Fischer.

The advantage with flameless combustion

Conventional industrial burners need a more or less extended volume in which the flame can stabilize. Moreover, a direct contact between the object and the flame should be avoided (hot spot). The result is that the conventional burner has a poor heat transfer and e.g. furnace volumes sometimes are greatly over-dimensioned.

Using promeos® burner technology eliminates the risk to get excessive wear because of hot-spots and you get a drastic reduction in the required volume of the combustion chamber.

Some of promeos® advantages at a glance: 

  • Homogeneous heat
  • Very high energy saving potential 
  • Convection and heat radiation 
  • Increased productivity with shorter heating times 
  • Variable heat control 
  • Flexible design of the heat source 
  • Variable size of the heating surfaces by modular system 
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions 
  • Clean, pollution-free combustion 
  • Reduction of noise 
  • Temperature range up to 1350° C 
  • Selective, spot heating possible

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