Xylem inaugurates 70% more efficient moulding line.

During last spring and summer our supplier Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH (HWS) installed a brand new moulding line at Xylem in Emmaboda. The moulding machine is a ZFA-SD 5,5 SEIATSU type, fully automatic and has a capacity of 140 moulds/h.

The cooperation between HWS/Beijers and Xylem goes far back in time and the project with the new moulding line started already in 2010. Together with Xylem the HWS/Beijers team draw up a concept which took the customer requirements into account. The list of requirements was extensive and the circumstances very complicated as the new moulding line was supposed to be installed in the old foundry building partly parallel to ongoing production. The result is a unique plant with greater flexibility, higher efficiency and the ability to mould very complex details.

Read more about the new moulding line here.